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AudioKite has built a system where reviewers are answering objective questions about your music - not coloring in circles - which ultimately means your getting higher quality information you can actually build from.

What Artists Should Know About Audiokite

I’ve tried several feedback platforms, and Audiokite is the best yet! The comments are honest and sometimes brutal, but it’s obvious that the listeners are actually listening. With pricing this low, I’m tempted to upload a work-in-progress multiple times.

Audiokite Review by Brian Hazard

I recently spoke with Alex about why he started Audiokite and how it can help musicians improve their music and grow their fan bases. He also explained why market research is so important to artists looking to build real careers in the modern music business.

Growing Your Fan Base Through Audience Feedback

Having listened to probably more than a thousand artists as a songwriting contest judge and music startup person, I’m no stranger to giving feedback to musicians. And I have a confession to make: rarely is the feedback I give 100% honest.

The Dangers of Positive Thinking: Bursting The Music Industry Feedback Bubble (op-ed)

Each of the products demo'ing have serious meaning. They are all selfless products trying to solve real problems they see in the industry.

New York Music Tech Meetup

Alex Mitchell is a co-founder of a service that solves an important problem in the music industry: gathering an objective feedback on one’s music. While there are several companies working on this already, Audiokite has a different approach, and in this WeSpin Recipes podcast interview Alex explains it all.

WSR Podcast

Mitchell said Audiokite has already seen evidence of paid listeners becoming fans and his team is working very hard to make sure survey takers are not only real music buyers, but buyers in the appropriate genre.

3 standouts from the #NYMusicTech meetup at Livestream Public

But why spend $10 on ReverbNation Crowd Review when you can get a better report with 2.5x as many listeners for the same price from Audiokite? As for me, I’m going to continue running all my works-in-progress through Audiokite.

SoundOut, TuneCore Track Smarts, ReverbNation Crowd Review, AudioKite, and Music Xray Compared

Audiokite Research ( is helping musicians and labels gain valuable insight into the commercial potential and public perception of their music through affordable, data-driven research.

Music Connection Friday Freebie

If a song does exceptionally well among the reviewers, then Audiokite, for no extra charge, will put the artist in touch with people in the industry who can offer them better opportunities.

Startup Offers Independent Musicians Feedback from Public

But AudioKite is also a great tool for Record Labels (big or small) who can use it for A&R purposes, hit identification, synch licensing potential evaluation, fan building (the Pro features let you include promotional links back to a band website, Facebook page, Bandcamp, etc.) and even tour planning.

Get Feedback On Your Music With AudioKite

After months of hard work you’re almost done with your new album, but you’re still unsure of what song should be the lead single. You decide to ask people that you know, but they all say that every song is great. Instead of relying on the opinions of biased friends, you want to hear what others has to say.

Audiokite: Honest Feedback And Stats On Your Songs

It’s always a good idea to get feedback on your music so you can gauge how the market will receive it.

Get Honest Feedback and Stats on Your Songs from Audiokite