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Market Research for Every Musician

Gain valuable insight into the commercial potential and public perception of your music. Your Audiokite report will help improve your music, inform your promotion, and reach new fans - starting at just $15. Learn More

  • We play your song for hundreds of real people in the United States
  • Listeners fill out a detailed survey about your song
  • The results are organized into a comprehensive report
  • Optionally, we connect you to promotional opportunities based on your data.
Audiokite has built a system where reviewers are answering objective questions about your music - not coloring in circles - which ultimately means you’re getting higher quality information you can actually build from.
I’ve tried several feedback platforms, and Audiokite is the best yet! The comments are honest and sometimes brutal, but it’s obvious that the listeners are actually listening. With pricing this low, I’m tempted to upload a work-in-progress multiple times.
Brian Hazard (Color Theory), award-winning musician and author of Passive Promotion

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