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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

And some questions that probably no one has asked, but we’re going to answer them anyway.

Who are the people who hear my song and answer the survey about it? How do I know they’re real?

Audiokite Research is powered by an awesome service called Amazon Mechanical Turk, where tens of thousands of people carry out tasks in exchange for small sums of money (“rewards”). By relying on this ecosystem, our research benefits from the quality assessments and location restrictions verified by Amazon. Mechanical turk is used by major research firms, in university studies, and to assist in the backend of big players like Twitter. We use part of your report’s cost to cover the reward we give to Mechanical Turk workers (lovingly referred to as “Turkers”), and use variable reward amounts and bonuses to make sure our respondents are compensated fairly.

Respondents reported an average age of 31 years old (min 18, max 71, median 27), and the majority of respondents (55%) are female. More than half (66%) of respondents have a college or advanced degree, and 33% are either full- or part-time students. While 38% of respondents are employed full-time, nearly a third (31%) are currently unemployed.” – Study on Amazon Mechanical Turk Demographics

How is Audiokite Research different or better than other song feedback services?
We could brag all day, but we’ll let award-winning musician Brian Hazard (Color Theory) explain it for us.

How do I buy a report?

Simply create an account by clicking here, browse our report options, and check out via PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account to buy a report (you can enter your credit card information on the PayPal payment page), but you will need a PayPal account if you’d like an Audiokite Pro subscription.

How did you decide what data to include in the survey and report?

Research, of course! During the design of Audiokite, we surveyed thousands of musicians to find out what was really important to them when it came to their music. The result was a comprehensive report covering everything from commercial viability to listener feelings – click here to see a sample!

I keep all the rights to my music, right?

Of course! By uploading your songs to Audiokite, you’re granting us a license to perform it publicly so we can play it for your survey’s respondents. Check out our extremely boring Terms of Use for more on this.

Can I listen and rate other people’s songs?

Sure! Just create an account at Amazon Mechanical turk, then search for “Audiokite” to view our HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks). For more information, check out

What are the different report types?

Currently we offer two main types of reports: General Population and Genre-Targeted. General Population reports are available to anyone on Amazon Mechanical Turk to take. Genre-Targeted reports are only available to previously qualified users who report regularly listening to and enjoying music in one of seven genre categories.

What are the genre categories?

There are seven genre categories grouped by related genres: Indie / Rock / Alternative, Hip Hop / Rap / R&B, Pop / Dance, Folk / Country, Electronic / Avant-Garde, Jazz / Blues / Easy Listening, and World Music. Unless your song is experimental noise, it fits into one of these broad categories (at least according to Wikipedia).

How much of my song do people have to listen to before they can submit the survey?

Listeners must listen to at least 40 seconds of your song before submitting the survey, however many listen to much more than that. Currently, the average listen time is 1:44 before surveys are submitted. The amount of time the respondents spend listening to your song is actually factored into your “Commercial Viability” rating – if your song is resonating with listeners, obviously they’ll listen to your song longer.

Can I run more than one report on the same song?

Of course! In fact, musicians and labels commonly use Audiokite reports before their song is finished, to use the insight gained from the report to improve the song before recording or promoting.

Where can I find AudioKite’s terms and conditions and privacy policy?

The following are links to our soul-crushingly dull Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.