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The Power Of Asking “Why?”

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The Power Of Asking “Why?”

By Dave Marcello, Head of Artist Growth

When new music creators join us at Audiokite, they complete a survey that helps paint a clearer picture of their current status (they also get 20% off a research report…go here and click the button under “Step 2” to do the same). The first, and arguably most crucial, question we ask is:

What is the #1 problem you’re currently facing in your music career? 

Most of us would assume “getting that money!” would be the top answer to this question right? Actually, the biggest, most keep-you-up-at-night problem thousands of music creators deal with every single day is…

Lack of exposure / not enough fans

“Okay, great insight, Dave. Of course we want more fans! What else you got for me?” Fine, this isn’t earth shattering news on its own. But my question to you is simple:


Why don’t you have more fans? Why aren’t more people gravitating to your music? Why aren’t you getting the hype you’ve worked so hard for, and quite frankly, deserve?

Here’s the bad news: I don’t have the answer for you.

Here’s the good news: Audiokite’s tens of thousands of reviewers can help you start figuring it out.

Start digging. “Why?” is the most powerful question in the universe, but only if you follow it up with true exploration. Act like a scientist, an archaeologist – maybe even a True Detective. 

Break everything down and build it back up again. That’s how you discover what’s going on beneath the surface…the real path to advancing your career. Nobody said this business was easy, and it’s the artists who choose to arm themselves with every available weapon that end up winning the battle.

This is exactly what powers the team here at Audiokite Research; helping you figure out the “Why?” that is so crucial to your long-term success. Knowing someone likes – or even dislikes – your music is only the first, small step. You shouldn’t simply stop there and move on; you need to get out that shovel and uncover the reasons why so you can get better every single day.

Need help getting started? Shoot me a note at and let’s talk music consumer research.