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Meet 30,000 Music Fans Waiting To Review Your Song

Get Your Song Reviewed by Hundreds of Real Listeners

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Meet 30,000 Music Fans Waiting To Review Your Song

By Dave Marcello, Artist Experience

The problem Audiokite Research set out to solve is a simple one: help music creators gain insight into the public perception and commercial potential of their music. The solution, however, is not quite as simple. Building a trustworthy and affordable way to crowdsource music consumer feedback became our North Star, and Amazon Mechanical Turk our compass.


Quality Responses For a Fraction of the Cost


Mechanical Turk (or “mTurk”) is a marketplace for work, where businesses can access hundreds of thousands of workers for “Human Intelligence Tasks,” which are completed online every single day for a fee. We tapped into mTurk as a reliable and quality source of reviewers, and the platform has allowed more responses to be collected for less cost than other solutions, increasing the value of each report for music creators. With Amazon, we’ve found the right balance between a fair rate for workers and the lowest cost for artists.


Double the Speed & Engagement


The surprisingly diverse and diligent mTurk workforce that Audiokite employs is a highly engaged group because they are music lovers first and foremost, and they recognize the impact their opinions have for our music creators.

By leveraging Mechanical Turk qualification requirements, Audiokite is able to organize thousands of workers into genre preference categories. These categories ensure that each song’s survey is only completed by workers who reported they often listen to that song’s genre of music, vastly improving the validity of the results.

Furthermore, we are able to leverage mTurk’s API to develop a system that identifies quality workers and offers them an additional bonus reward after the completion of the survey. This system takes many factors into account, including the quality of the optional free response question.

“Audiokite has built a system where reviewers are answering objective questions about your music – not coloring in circles – which ultimately means you’re getting higher quality information you can actually build from.” hypebot

As a result, musicians and labels all over the world are receiving honest, eye-opening feedback on their music from real music consumers through Audiokite and Amazon Mechanical Turk. On many occasions, mTurk workers will even seek out the artists they hear in the surveys and become fans directly!