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Audiokite Joins ReverbNation – FAQ

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Audiokite Joins ReverbNation – FAQ


We recently announced how excited we are to officially be a part of the ReverbNation family! We’ll have more details soon, so keep an eye on your inbox for more updates – but for now, here are a few answers to questions you may have:



What will happen to the reports I’ve previously purchased through Audiokite?

Nothing changes for now. Your reports are still available through the My Reports page, and will continue to be available for the foreseeable future.

Do I need a ReverbNation account to purchase a report on now?

You can continue to purchase Audiokite reports here for the time being, though we highly encourage you to head on over to ReverbNation, make an account, and check out all the powerful tools available to help manage and grow your career.

I already have a ReverbNation account. Will I need to make a new one to use Audiokite reports?

Nope! We’re currently in the process of developing a method to seamlessly integrate your Audiokite reports into your ReverbNation account. More details will follow, so keep an eye on your email.

How will the ReverbNation partnership affect Audiokite?

What we can say with absolute confidence is that the service Audiokite provides will be better, faster, and more robust than ever before thanks to our work together with the ReverbNation team. We are already developing new reports with even more advanced insights that we’ll be able to launch much sooner than initially planned thanks to this partnership.

What if I have specific questions?

Please shoot an email to and we’ll make sure the right person on our team gets back to you as soon as we can.