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Audiokite is joining ReverbNation!

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Audiokite is joining ReverbNation!


Dear Audiokite artists, customers, supporters, and friends –

I’m thrilled to let you know that Audiokite has been acquired by ReverbNation, among the largest platforms for musicians in the world.

For the last 10 years, ReverbNation has been an active leader in artist services, pioneering a number of technologies around direct-to-fan marketing, distribution, and curation-at-scale. Personally, I remember using ReverbNation as a young artist in high school, when I made a profile for some music I’d hacked together in GarageBand. It would be impossible to say that my experience with ReverbNation back then wasn’t at least some part of the inspiration behind Audiokite many years later.

We’ve had a vision for Audiokite from day one: that the wisdom of the crowds can be leveraged to even the playing field for all musicians. During our conversations with ReverbNation about powering Crowd Review, it became clear we were aligned in this vision. The infrastructure available to musicians today is allowing the production of an historic amount of music; it’s never been easier to go from an idea, to a DAW, to mastering, to distribution worldwide. This means it’s more important¬†and more challenging than ever to make sure deserving talent isn’t overlooked. ReverbNation has over four million artists, tens of millions of fans, an array of best-in-class artist tools, tens of thousands of songs added by musicians every month, and a viable program to scale the career advancement of exceptional artists. The math was easy.

The important stuff: Your reports will not be affected, and’s operations will not change for the time being. Soon, we will be sending further announcements regarding the integration of the Audiokite platform and accounts, but your data is safe.

That is to say – we’re joining the ReverbNation team. We’re already hard at work building an incredible product with ReverbNation that I’m certain will be even more valuable to musicians and industry, at every career stage. If you have additional questions about this transition, please refer to this blog post or send us an email at

Finally, I have to express my deepest gratitude to the people who believed in us from the beginning, even when it was hard to: Stuart and Ben Sklovsky, Jon Merkin, Karen Allen, Dave Marcello, Wren Werner, Brian Hazard – and many more.


Alex Jae Mitchell