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Ask Away: 22 Questions Every Musician Needs To Answer

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Ask Away: 22 Questions Every Musician Needs To Answer

By Dave Marcello, Head of Artist Growth

How often do you ask yourself questions about your music or your career? Maybe you wonder how good your songs really are. Or how to get your music heard by the fans who will appreciate your style the most. Or just how to make it in the music industry in general. If you’re not asking “Why?” then chances are you’re not progressing, advancing, getting better.

At Audiokite, we’re in the music feedback game, so we are a bit overt with our love for asking questions. And that’s for good reason; questions lead to answers, and answers to lead to insights. But before we get to those answers, you have to figure out the right questions to ask.

That’s why we got together and brainstormed the most important questions every single music creator should ask themselves right now.

Seriously, print these questions out and try to answer them as best you can. 

Can you answer most of them? How confident are you in those answers? Use this exercise as a starting point for exploring what kind of information you need to advance your career as a musician.

22 Self Assessment Questions for Musicians

[tip: download these questions in a worksheet format here]


What song elements are my strongest/weakest, generally speaking?

Are my fans likely to recommend my music to their friends?Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 4.30.20 PM

Do my songs perform better with women or men?

In what age demographic is my fan base likely to be?

Are my fans primarily mainstream music listeners or more indie?

Where do my fans spend the majority of their time listening to music (e.g. Spotify, satellite radio)

What genre of music would my fans put me in, without me identifying it for them?

If I wanted to pitch my music to a TV show or filmmaker, what kind of show or movie would I target?

What emotions does my music elicit in listeners?

If I were to plan a nationwide tour, what markets would I stop at and why?

Is my music good enStreaming service survey questionough to stream?

What is the persona of my most die-hard power fan?

How do I get more fans without spending a ton of money?

What well-known artists do fans most closely associate me with?

What is stronger, my songwriting or production quality?

What kind of vibe or mood does my music put listeners in?

Which finished song is my best?

What streaming service should I focus my energy on?

What is my current process for choosing a single off an album?

If I had to describe my fans in detail, what would I write down?

How many unfinished songs do I have sitting around and what should I do with them?