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About Audiokite

We help musicians create the best music possible through the power of research, while maintaining a commitment to fairness and transparency as a business.

Below, you'll find answers to commonly asked questions about our service. If you're still curious about something, feel free to email us at

Who are the people who hear my song and answer the survey about it? How do I know they’re real?

Audiokite Research is powered by an awesome service called Amazon Mechanical Turk, where tens of thousands of people carry out tasks in exchange for small sums of money (“rewards”). By relying on this ecosystem, our research benefits from the quality assessments and restrictions verified by Amazon.

We use part of your report’s cost to cover the reward we give to Mechanical Turk workers (lovingly referred to as “Turkers”), and use variable reward amounts and bonuses to make sure our respondents are compensated fairly.

If you're wondering about the demographics of Mechanical Turk, this is a great study.

How do opportunities work?

We work publicly and privately with a number of partners to help connect exceptional artists to the most relevant resources for the next step of their career.

If your song receives high ratings from our reviewers and is identified as exceptional, we can seamlessly connect you to special opportunities including blog writeups, discounted or free musician services, vetted promotion opportunities, submission to label A&R, and more.

There is no extra charge for this. All opportunities are optional, and we will contact you directly when you become eligible. Your information will never be shared without your consent.

If you are from a music publication, musician service, or record label, and would like to consider offering an opportunity to our exceptional musicians, please reach out to

What is the difference between Standard Reports and Custom Reports?

Standard reports have pre-configured options at various set price points. These options include the number of listeners who will hear your report, whether or not you'd like to target listeners who just enjoy a particular genre, and the amount of time listeners are required to hear your song.

Custom Reports allow you to set your own options and price. For example, if you'd like a 50-listener report with genre targeting and two minutes required listening, you could create that report in the "Custom Reports" section of the Order Reports page.

What is required listening time?

Respondents are required to listen to a certain amount of your song before submitting the survey, but can choose to listen as long as they'd like. The default required listening time is 40 seconds, though 92% of respondents listen longer than that on average (1:44 is the current average listening time).

If you'd like to require listeners to hear more of your song before submitting, set the "required listening" option to the length of your song.

One of the elements of your report is a listening time graph, so you can see exactly how long your song kept respondents' attention.

I keep all the rights to my music, right?

Of course! By uploading your songs to Audiokite, you’re simply granting us a license to perform it publicly so we can play it for your survey’s respondents. Check out our extremely boring Terms of Use for more on this.

How long does it take for my report to collect responses?

Since your song is being heard by real people, delivery time varies depending on how many other reports are being fulfilled at any given time, as well as how many reviewers are currently available. Most 100-200 listener reports are completed within 3-7 days, and most 200+ listener reports are completed within 5-14 days. You can email at any time to check the status of your report.

What are the genre categories?

There are eleven genre categories (some genres are grouped): Country, EDM / Dance, Electronic / Avant Garde, Folk, Hard Rock / Metal, Hip Hop / Rap, Indie / Alternative Rock, Jazz / Blues, Pop, R&B, World. Unless your song is experimental noise, it should fit into one of these categories (at least according to Wikipedia).

Can I run more than one report on the same song?

Yes - in fact, musicians and labels commonly use Audiokite reports before their song is finished, to use the insight gained from the report to improve the song before recording or promoting.

Can I listen and rate other people’s songs?

Sure! Just create an account at Amazon Mechanical turk, then search for “Audiokite” to view our song listening survey HITs. For more information, check out

Where can I find AudioKite’s terms and conditions and privacy policy?

The following are links to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In short - we use cookies because that's how the internet works, and don't upload a song if it isn't yours.