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Market Research for Music Creators

Ask Away...

Survey thousands of active music consumers and learn: What do people really think about my song?,Which of my unfinished song ideas are worth recording?,What genre of film and television does my music fit?,What famous artists do I sound like?,What is the ideal audience for my music?,How likely are people to share my music?,Does my music belong in commercials?,What are the strongest and weakest elements of my song?,Does my music keep the attention of listeners?,How likely are people to see me play live?







Get heard by real people

Audiokite streams your music for everyday listeners based in the United States. Our quality filters ensure your responses are authentic, and targeted to people who are likely to enjoy your music.

Listeners answer a survey

After hearing your song, listeners fill out a detailed survey. Select a pre-designed survey to best fit the stage of your song - from songwriting to production to commercial potential and more.

You get results

Easily identify strengths and areas for improvement in a comprehensive, visual report. And depending on your results, you can be optionally connected to career opportunities through our partners.


I’ve tried several feedback platforms, and Audiokite is the best yet! The comments are honest and sometimes brutal, but it’s obvious that the listeners are actually listening. With pricing this low, I’m tempted to upload a work-in-progress multiple times.

Brian Hazard (Color Theory), award-winning musician & author of Passive Promotion
Musicians NEED honest, valuable feedback. In the early stages, sure, but at every stage. I encourage every musician to try this. With Audiokite, you WILL get incredibly valuable market research.

Ari Herstand, Digital Music News

Audiokite has built a system where reviewers are answering objective questions about your music - not coloring in circles - which ultimately means you’re getting higher quality information you can actually build from.
We begin working with new clients by running Audiokite reports for their music. Market research with Audiokite is so simple and so effective that making it an essential part of our agency's toolbox has been a no-brainer.

Andrew Apanov, Dotted Music