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Market Research for Every Musician

We take the guesswork out of your music promotion by surveying hundreds of listeners and organizing the data in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand web-based report.

Honest Feedback

Honest Feedback

Simply upload your song, and we’ll play it for hundreds of real people in the United States. These listeners review your song in a standardized survey in exchange for a micropayment, and we organize the data into a comprehensive web-based report.

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Faster Stronger

Faster Stronger

We survey a variety of listeners with the same Amazon-backed methodology used by universities and major research firms, and utilize unique methods to make sure respondents actually listen to your song before reviewing it.

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Easy as Pie (Charts)

Easy as Pie (Charts)

Simply create an account, select a report type, and upload your song – we do the rest! You can order reports for 100 Listeners (genre targeted or general population), 250 Listeners (genre targeted), or 300 Listeners (general population).

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Love is All You Need

Musicians all over the world are using Audiokite reports in tons of creative ways. Here's what some of them are saying:

"I’ve tried several feedback platforms, and AudioKite is the best yet! The comments are honest and sometimes brutal, but it’s obvious that the listeners are actually listening. With pricing this low, I’m tempted to upload a work-in-progress multiple times."
- Brian Hazard (Color Theory), Award-Winning Electronic Musician & Author of Passive Promotion

"AudioKite has built a system where reviewers are answering objective questions about your music - not coloring in circles - which ultimately means you’re getting higher quality information you can actually build from."
- Hypebot

"Audiokite gives you insight into the thoughts of the listeners. It’s interesting to hear all these different perspectives from people being completely honest, objective, and wanting to contribute."
- Trace Marx, Emerging Florida Hip Hop Artist

"With some of the most detailed charts and graphs, Audiokite can be the marketing service your band needs."
- Bands on a Budget

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Valuable Data · Tons of Features

We developed our survey and report based on extensive research on what's important to you, the music creator. AudioKite Research offers more features than any other service of its kind.

Commercial Viability
In addition to asking listeners outright if they would buy or stream your song, your song will also get a percentage viability rating.
Genre Targeting
If you'd like, target only listeners in one of seven genre groups to get feedback from only people who enjoy listening to your song's genre.
Viral Potential
We ask listeners how likely they would be to recommend your song to a friend, setting the stage for your song's viral run.
General Rating
For a simple overview of how people generally liked your song, listeners give your song an out of ten rating.
Synch Licensing
We ask listeners what genre of film/television suits your song the most, as well as their opinion on if your song is ready for TV and movies.
Interactive Map
See all of your listeners on a map of the United States for a clear view of which regions like (or don't like) your song.
See what gender and age group likes your song the best, as well as the average for all genders and age groups.
Song Elements
Listeners rate seven of your song's elements: vocal, instrumental, lyrics, beat, song structure, sound quality, and song & band name.
Listener Sentiment
We ask listeners how the song made them feel from a list of options including bored, intrigued, existential, horny, etc.
Free Response
Listeners can optionally include to write a free response review about your song, to really express their opinions.
Listener Verification
We make sure all of your respondents are unique, in the United States, and listen to more than 40 seconds of your song before they submit their survey.
U.S.-Focused Sample
To ensure high-quality reviews in the largest market for digital music, our respondents are from the United States.

AudioKite Pro

If you're an independent label or musician with a lot of tracks, get huge discounts on reports and extra features for just $9.99/month with AudioKite Pro.

[PRO] Report Discounts
For the lifetime of your membership, get an automatic 35% off 100-Listener reports and $10 off 300 & 250-listener reports.
[PRO] Promotional Link
With a pro membership, you can include a link back to your website (or Facebook, Twitter, etc.) on the survey we send to listeners.
[PRO] Custom Question
Replace our standard optional free response question ("What did you like or dislike about this song?") with your own question.
[PRO] Download Raw Data
Download the raw data we collect from respondents in CSV format to extract your own insights from your report's data.

Mo Money Mo Problems

Market research is expensive, but AudioKite's efficient design allows our reports to deliver professional insights for as low as $29.99.

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