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Market Research for Music Creators

Market Research
Fr Music Creators

Analyze your song in a survey of real listeners
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Valuable Data, Honest Feedback.

We play your song for real people in the United States

Listeners fill out a detailed survey about your song

The results are organized into a comprehensive report (view a sample).

Optionally, we connect you to industry opportunities based on your data.


Audiokite sources reviewers via
Amazon Mechanical Turk®
from a pool of 10,000+ listeners






Audiokite is an absolutely wonderful tool that lets us learn things about our songs so we can be better marketers.
Dave Kusek, Digital Music Innovator & Founder of New Artist Model
Audiokite has built a system where reviewers are answering objective questions about your music - not coloring in circles - which ultimately means you’re getting higher quality information you can actually build from.
I’ve tried several feedback platforms, and Audiokite is the best yet! The comments are honest and sometimes brutal, but it’s obvious that the listeners are actually listening. With pricing this low, I’m tempted to upload a work-in-progress multiple times.
Brian Hazard (Color Theory), award-winning musician & author of Passive Promotion

One Report, Countless Uses

Your Audiokite report delivers a comprehensive overview of your song's audience appeal - thousands of data points organized into dozens of charts and graphs - making your data actionable across many use cases. Garage bands, emerging acts, labels, and some of the biggest names in music are regularly using Audiokite reports to quantify listener reaction.

Run reports on rough recordings, finished songs, demos, even song ideas to see how they compare to the average (and to each other)

Get composition feedback through song element ratings of vocals, lyrics, instrumentals, and more

Measure your song's commercial potential and relevance to placement in movies and television

Discover how your song actually makes people feel when they listen to it

Understand your audience with in-depth reviewer profiles and free response comments

Use demographic & location information to clearly identify your target market

Watch How It Works

Audiokite gives you insight into the thoughts of the listeners. It’s interesting to hear all these different perspectives from people being completely honest, objective, and wanting to contribute.
Trace Marx, Hip Hop artist from Florida
We put our old material through Audiokite when it was time to start writing a new album. Learning which songs actually resonated with our audience was a huge help to the creative process. We even put our new early mixes through the system to see what additional changes to make. We loved the peace of mind from knowing the potential issues before we completed the final master!
The Hunting Party, Folk band from Brooklyn

Exclusive Opportunities

We work with a number of partners to connect you with (optional) career-advancing opportunities depending on the results of your report. Get free promotion, free distribution, free education - even submission to industry influencers. Eligibility is determined solely by consumer sentiment data, for all members at no extra cost.


If you represent a music business with a larger research budget, we can tailor a campaign to your needs.

Learn more about Audiokite for Enterprise

Great Listeners

Audiokite sources reviewers from Amazon Mechanical Turk®, where everyday people complete tasks for small monetary rewards

Mechanical Turk is used in studies at major universities, research firms, and technology companies to automate human feedback

We've developed proprietary systems to filter quality reviewers, so you get the best possible responses for your song

  • I really enjoyed the vocal performance, specifically the sound of the singer's voice, and I liked the melody. However, the lyrics aren't very meaningful or clever in my opinion. I think the song would be good if you kept it mostly the same but changed some of the lyrics. Also, I'm not a fan of the sound of the synth. I would prefer more guitar soloish stuff instead.
    - Audiokite Review (view sample report)

  • This track was alright. The producer needs to watch the levels of the bass and instrument track with the vocals on the lead in the track. What sounds like the snare drum makes it a bit hard to clearly hear his lyrics from time to time. Also, watch the feedback background singers sound blown out.
    - Audiokite Review (view sample report)

  • I liked how the song started telling you a story, letting you know what the singer was feeling and experiencing, to get you in the same frame of mind.
    - Audiokite Review (view sample report)

  • This song is a piece forgettable, mediocre electro-pop. It's really generic. However, I'll admit that I would totally scream-cry this song if I was out clubbing. Plus, it's a bit of an ear-worm that I'll have stuck in my head for a few days. I suppose that means it has some merit.
    - Audiokite Review (view sample report)

  • I liked the very youth-oriented contemporary instrumentation, the tempo and pacing and lyrical delivery. The song title is very young-generationally direct and acceptable and perfect for a comedy movie soundtrack. But this song is obviously not geared for mainstream universal listening at all.
    - Audiokite Review (view sample report)

  • Kind of shallow and boring. This one had a little bit more of a low end. It was a little bit too bright for my taste. I think they should have cut more in the 1-3khz range. It was kind of grating to my ears. The synth sounds were something that has been used over and over again. Harmonically lame.
    - Audiokite Review (view sample report)